Jadeveon Clowney considered the best college football player in the past decade

jadeveon clowney

Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network spoke with some NFL personnel guys and got their thoughts on South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

Executive No. 1: Second to none

“Yes. I have him over Von Miller, (Ndamukong) Suh, (Darrelle) Revis and Mario Williams. He has size, speed, rare athletic ability, flexibility and explosion. He’s a dominating player vs. the run and pass.”

Executive No. 2: Slight edge over Super Mario

“He’s neck and neck with Mario Williams. There’s no question that Clowney has created more buzz than any defensive player dating back to Charles Woodson. I guess I’ll give Clowney the slight edge over Williams.”

Executive No. 3: Only Suh comparable

“Yes. Only Suh is comparable. Clowney has everything including size and production. I knew he’d go No. 1 overall since his high school film was made public.”

Executive No. 4: Clowney’s a game-changer

“Hands down. Can you name a more dominant pass rusher in college during that time? I can’t. He changes the game.”

Executive No. 5: No one’s perfect but …

“I don’t think he’s a perfect prospect, but he has rare size and speed. He’s a little bit tight, but overall he’s probably still the best defensive player during that period of time.”

Verdict: All five executives agreed that Clowney was the best defensive player they had seen in college football over the last decade.

People need to remember that Mario Williams was hyped just as much when he came out of NC State a few years ago.  While I do believe Clowney will be better than Williams,  I’m not sure he can live up to all of this hype.



  • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.stillmunks Daniel Stillmunks

    I hope he gets drafted by N.Y. Jets ! They’ll make him a Q.B. to compete with Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez !!!! LOL