Jabari Greer unsure if he’ll continue his NFL career

Free agent cornerback Jabari Greer claims his rehab from a major knee injury is “going really well.” It’s unlikely he’ll be healthy enough to work out for any NFL teams prior to training camp.

“I think my pride and my body have two different things to say about that,” joked Greer, who was released by the Saints in February. “But we’ll see. I mean, God can do anything, man.”

Greer is unsure if he’ll continue his football career.

“It just really depends on what God has for me,” Greer said. “I think right now today, I’m very content with where I am. I’m very happy with being able to invest in my wife and children. But in the future, I’m sure that itch is gonna come, because it does for everybody. I guess it just depends if I decide to scratch it or not.”

Greer wants to make sure he’s “definitely make sure that I was 100 percent” before he works out for any NFL teams.

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