A.J. McCarron, Tajh Boyd will throw at the combine

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network,  A.J. McCarron and Tajh Boyd will both throw at the NFL Scouting Combine.

It’s great to see big name quarterbacks compete at the combine.


  1. Victor A says

    AJ Macarron certainly didn’t help himself by refusing to play in any of the Allstar games. His agent is wise to have him throw at the combine…

  2. Anonymous says

    AJ’s record speaks for itself. He had 3 great seasons. He’ll be a superstar QB if he has a decenty offensive line to give hime just a “little time”

  3. lakesidegator says

    Man, I can hardly wait for this guy to flop, or get flopped.
    On the other hand, his mother…………well, you know the rest.

  4. Anonymous says

    What makes you so certain he will flop or get flopped. The most common reply is he only appeared to be good because of the offensive line. The next excuse is his arm strength is not NLF caliber. Last but not least is he was only a game manager. Now I have news for you, his arm strength was really never displayed because of the type of game Saban ran. If he did not deliver the ball when he was supposed to he would not have won as many games as he did. next is the game manager knock, news flash, the QB is supposed to manage the game. This is accomplished through leadership. Leadership is a very important part of being an NFL QB. AJ is one of the best at his position entering the draft and who ever gets him will have a very good prospect. That’s right, prospect , someone will mentor him as a rookie as are most QBs and as he learns the system he will eventually get his chance to demonstrate his abilities. Until then everybody has an opinion and opinions are like a certain body part, everybody has one.

  5. lakesidegator says

    Certainly, since you are posting as Anonymous, there is no reason that you can’t say, like opinions everybody has a NOSE!

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