A.J. Hawk: Packers are going to miss Kevin Greene

Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk told reporters this week that they’re going to miss former linebackers coach Kevin Greene next season after he stepped down at the end of their season.

“I told him, he’s like one of the last true warriors of the game,” Hawk said via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He literally gave his body to the game and played so hard and cared so much. I have the ultimate respect for him, everyone does.”

Hawk explained why he loved playing for Greene.

“He’s great because he’s crazy, long-haired, head-butting guy at the same time I’ve seen as great a person he is as a parent,” said Hawk. “Actually I used to ask him parenting advice because his kids were so well-behaved and how they treated everybody around and myself. They were yes sir, no sir and all that.