Isaac Redman played with a concussion back in week 2

Steelers running back Isaac Redman admits he suffered a concussion during the Steelers week two loss to the Bengals.  He was able to get back into the game after fooling the team doctors.

“I had a concussion,” Redman said Wednesday, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I was pretty much out of it the rest of the game. I just tried to go back in.”

Redman didn’t to anything extravagant to trick the doctors.

“I said I was all right,” he answered.

And the doctors listened to him?  That’s not good.

I wonder if the NFL can fine either Redman or the Steelers for this.  They do need to protect themselves against concussion lawsuits down the road.

Update: Steelers are denying that Redman played with a concussion.

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