Inconsistency plaguing Christine Michael

As much as the Seahawks have raved about running back Christine Michael, he’s been very inconsistent, per the Seattle Times.

But he still is inconsistent. He fumbled twice in his first two exhibition games. Against San Diego, he picked up a blitzing linebacker and stopped him cold. On another play, he forgot to help tackle Alvin Bailey block before going out for a pass — what’s known as chipping.

“You might see the great cut one time and then not the next, and it’s the exact same scenario,” offensive-line coach Tom Cable said. “He comes across and makes a great pickup and then he’s supposed to chip and then, ‘Oh, I’m going to get out for my route and, oops, I forgot to chip.’ It’s just being able to put a good play together and then a good one the next time and the next time. When that becomes his habit, then he owns it. Right now, he doesn’t own it.”


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