Heath Miller feels like he’s gotten better as the season’s wore on

Steelers tight end Heath Miller feels like he’s approved as the season has gone on after recovering from ACL surgery.

“I think I’ve gotten better throughout the season,” Miller said, per the Daily Reporter. “I felt good going into every game that I played, and I feel fortunate to have felt that way.”

“My mindset was to work as hard as possible and whenever my knee was good enough to allow me to move forward, then I would be ready,” Miller said. “I was hoping to be ready to start the season, but I wasn’t quite there. But, to come out of this thing and to miss one game at the end of last season and two games to start this year, I’m pretty fortunate.”

Miller was a great asset for the Steelers when he came back and really opened up their passing game.  Now there’s a chance he might be able to help his team make the playoffs on Sunday.



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