Head of Dan Snyder’s Native American foundation appears to have swindled the government out of $1 million


dan snyderDan Snyder, lol.  Sorry had to get that out.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder announced earlier in the week that he’s started a foundation to help Native Americans overcome poverty as well as other things they might be hindering their lives.

The foundation is clearly a public relations move by Snyder as he continues to take heat over the racist nickname that is “Redskins.”

It looks like the man that Snyder is having overlook his foundation is in some hot water.

According to The Washington Post,  Gary L. Edwards, who is the chief executive of the National Native American Law Enforcement Association was awarded a $1 million contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs back in 2009 in order to help Native Americans get jobs in law enforcement in the Indian Country.

The only problem is that the majority of the applicants weren’t qualified.

The investigation, outlined in a 2012 inspector general’s report, found that of the 748 applications the organization supplied, none were usable. One applicant was 80 years old. Several were not U.S. citizens. Of the 514 applications reviewed by the inspector general’s office, only 22 were of Indian descent. The inspector general’s office advised that the contract be terminated immediately, and it was, but the bureau still ended up paying nearly $970,000 of the $1 million contract.

Well this isn’t good.  Sounds like a scam to me.