Harlem Globetrotters drafted Johnny Manziel

manzielThe Harlem Globetrotters have drafted Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and soccer star Landon Donovan.

Not exactly, though clearly the Harlem Globetrotters know how to receive some free publicity. The renowned basketball team drafted Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel to their team on Tuesday.

The move was part of the Globetrotters’ eighth draft of “world class” athletes that also includes some intriguing basketball players with college experience and Landon Donovan, the U.S. soccer player left off the World Cup team. Don’t expect Manziel to be taking part in the renowned Globetrotters weave any time soon. Though the Globetrotters would willingly accept Manziel and the frenzy of attention (and attendance) that follows him, odds would seem miniscule that Manziel would do it. As for it being a publicity move — some might say theSan Diego Padres of Major League Baseball taking Manziel was just as much a publicity move.

“‘Johnny Basketball’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?” said “Sweet Lou” Dunbar, the Globetrotters’ director of player personnel, in a press release.

Manziel played basketball in high school, but then stopped playing to focus on football at Texas A&M.  It looks like the Globetrotters are looking for attention more than anything.

Manziel can dunk though.