Hakeem Nicks says he’s being “smart” by sitting out with groin injury

hakeem nicks

Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks claims his groin injury isn’t serious and he would be playing if this was week one of the regular season.  He claims he’s  just trying to be smart.

“I wouldn’t even categorize it as an injury,” Nicks said, via the New York Daily News. “It’s just being smart coming off of the problems I had last year with the knee and the foot. I just don’t want it to be ongoing. I’ll be out there as soon as they let me; I think in another day or two.”

Nicks doesn’t want to rush back from injuries the way he did in 2012.

“Coming off last season, we play it safe, play it cautious,” Nicks said. “I don’t think it’s nothing serious. If it was a game planning situation and we were going into Week  1, I definitely don’t think I’d be sitting out or nothing like that. But with it being early in training camp, we just want to be smart about it.

“I don’t feel frustrated at all,” he added. “It’s only the second week of camp. I think coming off of last year, I’m definitely trying to be smart in training camp as well. So just by talking it like that, no I don’t have any problem with it at all.”

With this being Nicks’ contract year, I can’t blame him for trying to be as healthy as he can heading into the regular season.


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