Hakeem Nicks reportedly “lukewarm” about re-signing with the Giants

hakeem nicks


Now that the New York Giants have locked up Victor Cruz with a long-term contract, they’ll likely turn their attention to Hakeem Nicks.

According to the New York Daily News, Nicks sounds “lukewarm” when it comes to signing an extension before the end of this season.

The Giants would also like to re-sign Nicks at some point, but preliminary talks with his agent went nowhere, according to an NFL source, and in recent interviews Nicks has sounded very lukewarm about re-signing with the Giants before he becomes an unrestricted free agent next spring. The Giants do have the option of placing the “franchise tag” on him next March, but that likely would cost them about $11 million for 2014.

The Giants would be wise to wait to sign Nicks until after the season anyway, since they still need to see how he can hold up after dealing with multiple injuries in 2012.

It also sounds like Nicks would like to dangled himself in free agency to get the most money he can.  He already has a Super Bowl ring, so there’s really nothing keeping him from leaving the Giants.



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