Greg McElroy says he’s learned everything from Mark Sanchez

New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy will make his first NFL start this coming Sunday against the Chargers and he sounds confident after stating that he’s learned everything from Mark Sanchez.

“Everything that I’ve learned at this position in this league has been from Mark,” McElroy said, in comments distributed by the Jets’ PR staff, via “He’s the guy that I’ve seen every day. Every day that I’ve been an NFL player, I’ve been looking up to him. I’ve been observing him and trying to follow after his lead. I’ve been watching him. I understand how to play this game because of him.”

I really don’t think McElroy should be telling anyone that he’s learned everything he knows from Sanchez, since he’s been horrific this season and has turned the ball over 50 times over the past two seasons.


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