Greg Jennings’ sister rips Aaron Rodgers and the Packers on Twitter

During Sunday’s Packers – Vikings game, Valyncia Jennings, the sister of Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings went on a Twitter rant and ripped quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Black Sports Online got a screen grab of her tweets.


Greg-Jennings-sister-Valyncia-2It’s amazing how siblings of famous athletes don’t realize how much their comments affect their loved ones.  Valyncia clearly didn’t realize the world is going to watch her every tweet.



  1. Anonymous says

    Thise peopel clearly are not packer fans. GJ is good, but he is NOT the team. How embarASSing for GJ to have to back to HIS team and explain how out of place his sister is. You should feel like the HERO of the day now!

  2. Jeremiah says

    Pray for the man that got your brother his ring! Oh yeah…… Jennings dont have shit on Driver.

  3. says

    How embarrassing for GJennings. I always thought he was an upstanding guy, no bad pub, no trouble, respected. . He has to work with these people everyday and his “sister” ….if she is……opens her mouth, inserts both feet. He’s a big boy and doesn’t need her buttin in! SHUT UP!

  4. Anonymous says

    what a JOKE Greg’s sister is. Aaron Rodgers is by far the most mobile, accurate QB in the NFL today.

  5. Anonymous says

    She is just another big mouthed b@tch that hasn’t a clue. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you, get a life besides riding on your brothers.

  6. says

    First of all, I’m a Packer fan and I’ve watched Greg and Aaron play since day 1. If Jennings hadn’t let that ball go through his hands when Rodgers hit him in stride at the 11, the Packers would of had a 7 point lead! They punted instead! BTW, Jennings had like 8 to 10 catches for 120 yards and 2 TD’s! What is she whining about? Her brother is getting paid no matter what! All she did was embarrass him and make his job harder! Her brother is successful and she’s a loser so rant on twitter and tell the world your a moron! Oh Valyncia Jennings, when your brother signs with another team, and he will because we have other receivers that are just as good if not better, he will have a QB throwing to him that isn’t even close to being as good as Rodgers! Even your buddy Manning can’t hold a candle to the best QB in the NFL!! In case you don’t know, it’s AARON RODGERS!!!!

  7. Packersfan says

    Shame on her. I get free speech but show some class and know when/what/how to say it. We Packers fans are a tight knit group and she will catch hell from us.

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