Greg Hardy 911 recordings released

greg got a hold of the two 911 calls that occurred this past weekend when Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy ended up being charged with suspicion of domestic violence.

BBR transcribed the first call, which can be ready below.

Operator: “911, do you need police, fire or medic?”

GH: “My friend brought a girl home. (audible) She won’t get out. We’re trying to get her out of my house. She keeps running back in every time. My neighbor’s outside. She witnessed everything.”

Operator: “What’s the address?”

GH: “(inaudible), please come. (inaudible). Keep her away from me please. My assistant’s trying to retain her. She’s trying to break free, hit me with her heel, and now I’m literally running around the table. Right now she’s trying to hit me with her shoe.”

Operator: “What’s your phone number?”

GH: “She broke some glass, man.”

Operator: “What is your phone number?”

GH: “She’s trying to hit me with another shoe. I’m behind the bar. I’m not touching her. My manager’s retaining her. She’s still trying to get me.”

Operator: “She’s outside of the apartment right now?”

GH: “No, she won’t let me close the door and I can’t touch her to get her out. She’s literally kicking and scratching. My manager’s retaining her. (inaudible) She’s hit me in the face twice. I’m trying to stay away from her. Can you please send somebody to help me?”

Operator: “Do you need medic?”

GH: “Keep her bro, keep her. Don’t let her go. Don’t let her go.”

Operator: “Do you need medic?”

GH: “I don’t need medic. She hit me in the face. I’m not bleeding or anything, it’s a little swollen, but I’m fine.”


GH: “You shouldn’t have hit me. You shouldn’t have hit me.”


GH: “Hello?

Operator: “Yes sir.”

GH: “She refused to leave. She told me to break her arm when I asked her to leave.”


GH: “Hello? What should I do? Should I leave, or what should I do?”

Operator: “Where are you right now?”

GH: “I’m inside the apartment trying to get out. She’s literally blocking. She’s at the door, won’t leave. We’ve been trying to get her to leave for an hour. I’ve asked her to leave a thousand times and she hit me in the face twice. I’m trying to walk around her. I can’t walk through my kitchen, there’s glass, she broke glass.”

Operator: “Has there been any drug usage?”

GH: “I think she’s on coke or something. I don’t know. I don’t know. She’s been drinking. I don’t know what she’s on, man. (Inaudible) She will not stop coming at me, bro.”

Operator: “Were there any other weapons involved?”

GH: “Come again?”

Operator: “Any other weapons involved?”

GH: “There’s no other witnesses. There’s no other witnesses.”

Operator: “Any other weapons?”

GH: “Oh s—, am I bleeding? F—, I’m bleeding, man. S—.”

Operator: “Are there any other weapons involved?”

GH: “Yes, my manager’s standing right here trying to keep her away from me.”

Operator: “No, weapons.”

GH: “No, it’s just me and him here and she came in. (inaudible)”

Operator: “No, sir, sir, does she have any other weapons? Is there a gun or a knife?”

GH: “No. She’s swinging her fists and her heels. I have one of her heels now. Her other heel’s on the ground. She doesn’t have a heel right now. That’s all she was swinging at me. My manager’s trying to detain her. He’s not hurting her or anything. He’s trying to keep her away from me.”

Operator: “You said she was trying to leave the property?”

GH: “Come again? (inaudible)

Operator: “Ok, well we’ll have a unit out.”

GH: “She’s trying to come at me, bro. Don’t let her do it, bro.”

Operator: “We’ll have an officer out there to be dispatched, ok?”

GH: “Thank you, please. Please, sir.”

Then there was another 911 call from the concierge after Hardy’s call.

Operator: “911, do you need police, fire or medic?”

Concierge: “Hey, how you doing today? I need police.”

Operator: “What’s going on?”

Concierge: “If we get the police here, we can talk to them about it when they get here.”

Woman: “Domestic violence. You hear that b——-? He’s beating her a– in there. Some girl’s getting her a– beat upstairs. And I heard it. And I seen it. He is beating her a– right the f— now, so get here now. I was in the apartment, he’s beating her a–.”

Operator: “Are they married?”

Concierge: “No, sir.”

Operator: “Does she need medical attention because I already got officers on the way.”

Woman: “You better come cause who the f— knows?”

Concierge: “She’s saying she was in the front room and he was in the bedroom.”

Woman: “I heard it all for the last half hour.”

Operator: “Ma’am, let him speak.”

Concierge: “What she first stated when she came back here is she was in the front room. And the guy …”

Woman: “He’s beating her a–.”

Concierge: “Excuse me, let me finish the conversation please. So the thing about it is, she stated it was domestic violence, she had to run out. So she was in the front room, and the other girl getting beat up, she was in the bedroom or what not.”

Woman: “We need the police here now, before this girl gets seriously hurt. Now.”

Operator: “They already on their way.”

Operator: “Hello?”

Concierge: “Yeah, I’m here. The other female walking out now. Like I was saying, one of the females, the female that was just talking, first she said she seen the girl getting her a– whupped, getting her a– beat. At first she said she heard it. Heard um back there in the back room. She heard it all. So she went from saying that she seen it to she meant to saying that she heard it all. She had ran out and came down here.”

Operator: “The female that was just yelling into the phone, what was her name?”

Concierge: “I don’t know her name. She just stated her name to you. It’s my first time seeing these girls, ever. The one that was talking, she was drunk. You can tell she was inebriated.”

Operator: “Where’s she at now?”

Concierge: “She walked to the front.”

Operator: “All right, we’re on the way, ok?”

Concierge: “Well you should have been on the way.”

Operator: “I’ve entered a second call. The first call, they’ll be there in a second, but I went ahead and entered (inaudible). The first call we got, he called, the male called. Now you called.”

Concierge: “Yeah, she asked me to call.”

Operator: “The police are already there, they’re outside.”

Concierge: “All right then, I’m on my way.”


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