Greg Cosell: Mike Glennon further along than RG3

Greg Cosell of NFL Films told CBS Radio in Tampa that Buccaneers rookie quarterback Mike Glennon is having the best season of any rookie signal caller in the NFL right now.

“I think they (the Bucs) are getting really quality quarterback play from Mike Glennon, who is without question the best rookie quarterback in this class,” Greg Cosell said in his weekly appearance on Fan Interference this Thursday.

Cosell even went as far as saying that Glennon is further along than Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

“Mike Glennon is so far more advanced than RG3 playing NFL quarterback that it’s not even close,” Cosell said. ”They shouldn’t even be in the same discussion.”

Cosell has been blown away by the throws Glennon has made so far this season.

“When your quarterback makes difficult anticipation throws, everything about your offense tends to look better,” Cosell said.

“For instance, I’ll give you an example of a throw that was made this week by Glennon. When he hit Underwood for 20 yards in the 2nd quarter down inside the ten, that was a classic anticipation throw. He threw Underwood open. If I showed you the film and froze it just as Glennon was making his delivery, you’d say, ‘who’s he throwing it to?’ That’s a litmus test throw that helps measure future success.”