Green Bay might name a street after Mike McCarthy

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette,  Packers head coach Mike McCarthy could soon have a street named after him.

After several failed attempts to rename busy Ashland Avenue after Green Bay Packers Coach Mike McCarthy, village officials are scaling down their efforts.

They are instead proposing Potts Avenue be renamed Mike McCarthy Way. This smaller stretch lies entirely in the village in an area already filled with Packers-themed street names. Changing the name of Potts Avenue would require support from far fewer businesses than would renaming Ashland Avenue.

“One of our board members did a quick poll of businesses along Potts, and it seems to be more palatable,” Ashwaubenon Village President Mike Aubinger said Tuesday.

“I think nobody ever objected to who it was named after, just where. I think the expense and process of changing the name led people to hesitate.”