Goodell on the Redskins name: “If one person is offended, we have to listen”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was a guest on The Lavar and Dukes show on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. today and was asked about his thoughts on the controversy over the Redskins name.

“Well as you guys know, I grew up in Washington, so the Colts were my team early on and then I became a Redskins fan,” Goodell said. “I know the team name is part of their history and tradition, and that’s something that’s important to the Redskins fans.”

“I think what we have to do though is we have to listen,” Goodell said. “If one person is offended, we have to listen.”

Goodell made it clear that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder would be the one to change the name.

“Ultimately it is Dan’s decision,” Goodell specified. “But it’s something that I want all of us to go out and make sure we’re listening to our fans, listening to people of a different view, and making sure that we continue to do what’s right to make sure that team represents the strong tradition and history that it has for so many years.”

Goodell said that the NFL has to represent the Skins in positive way and “if we are offending one person, we need to be listening and making sure that we’re doing the right things to try to address that.”

I really hope Goodell is listening because a lot of people are offended.  The problem is that it sounds like he doesn’t plan on doing anything.



  1. says

    Oh, BULLSH&T Mr. P.C. Goodell.
    People get offended everyday over stupid b.s. crap. We “NORMAL” people have to stand out ground as tell these ‘whiny, crybabies’ they can’t have the world run THEIR way.
    Don’t like it: quit watching, move, get a new sport to whine and cry about.
    Some years back an “ARTIST” put a crucifix in a jar of his own urine and titled it “PISS CHRIST” (Robert Maplethorpe ?)
    Christians alll over the world were offended and oh, our, supreme court would just say, “Well, now, that’s protected free speech.” ART.
    Hey, commish, dickhead, Wifey & I went to AppleBees’ for her birthday.
    At the end of the meal the waitresses brougf out a piece of cake with a candle.
    “We can’t sing ‘happy birthday’ anymore.”
    WHY?? It ‘offends’ Jehovah Witnesses who don’t CELEBRATE Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, Halloween, etc.

    But BUT GET THIS, the axehole young man who entered this restaurant after we were seated—yeah, he had his freedom of speech shirt on. The front had a giant middle finger (You Know the F#c ky ou)
    and on the back in large letters it said something to the effect of “GET f3C ke ditsstupid beayatch.
    THAT’s is what you’re protecting Mr. Goodell.
    Filthy words, obscene signals.
    Oooops well I’m offended.
    Tuff go look it up in supreme court inteligencia “Freedome of speech” Freedom of expression.
    LEAVE THE GO DA M Redskins alone.
    SStand firm Daniel Snyder.

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