Give Tony Romo credit for his clutch game winning drive

tony romo


Ok everyone,  it’s time to give Tony Romo some credit for his fourth quarter drive that put the Cowboys in field goal range to beat the Giants on Sunday.

While I’ve been hard on Romo like many people,  I’ll also give him credit when it’s due.

While Romo has put together numerous comeback wins,  throwing interceptions in clutch moments has also haunted him over the years.

The FOX Sports telecast from Sunday night put up an interesting stat that stated that Romo’s quarterback rating is over 100 in the fourth quarter, but his rating is in the 70’s when the Cowboys are trailing or tied late in the game.

With Sunday’s big win, it certainly looks like the NFC East will come down to the Cowboys and Eagles.  And what’s really interesting is that both teams play one another on the final week of the season.

Romo will have the chance to once again to silence his critics after last year’s fourth quarter interception that sealed a win and the NFC East title for the Redskins.

Whether people like it or not,  there will always be people who second guess or doubt Romo until he wins a Super Bowl.  Just ask Giants quarterback Eli Manning who still gets a lot of heat after winning two Super Bowl MVP”s.



  • Armando Sanchez Jr

    You will be missed. Hope you recover slowly and see you in a sports booth. You have earned it. It’s only a game. There are great player without a Super Bowl ring. You played with heart and people respect that. So what you heard boos. This are the people that are upset your down and saying the game is over. Be well.