The Giants will win the NFC East

eli manning

The New York Football Giants have to be the most up and down team in the NFL over the past ten years.

Year in and year out the Giants seems to always have some very low moments and some very high moments.

The difference between this season and the past few years is that the Giants started off very poorly.  Typically they’ll be 6-2 or 5-3 by the time they reach the halfway point of the season.  Then they tail off and barely make the playoffs or not make it at all.

This year, they’ve reversed things and started out 2-6.

While many people want to count the Giants out of making the playoffs or even winning the division,  I on the other hand believe they’ll shock everyone and do just that.

Below I list my reasons why the Giants will win the NFC East:

Cowboys cant close:  Yes it’s as simple as that.  The Dallas looks like the best team in the NFC East, but that’s not saying much and they’re only 4-4  with a two game lead over the Giants with eight games to play.

Andre Brown coming back: Even without Brown,  the Giants run game looks a lot better with Peyton Hillis.  He can get the tough yards,  as well as catch the ball out of the back field.  Getting Brown back will only help the Giants and he’s expected to play next week when the Raiders come to town.

Eli Manning cutting down turnovers:  During the first six games,  Manning turned the ball over 17 times and the Giants started off 0-6.  Since then he hasn’t turned the ball over and New York is 2-0.  A big reason for that is that the Giants offensive line is gelling together, the Giants running game has been more effective, which has led to him forcing the ball less.

Confidence:  It’s as simple as that.  I don’t care if the Giants have beaten two bad NFL teams the past two weeks.  A win is a win in the NFL.  And when a team with the talent the Giants have puts together two straight wins,  they’re going to only get better.

New attitude:  With the additions of Peyton Hillis, John Conner and Jon Beason,  the Giants offense and defense has a new attitude.  Hillis and Conner have helped transform the running game and Beason has brought leadership and toughness to a defense that had been missing.

You could argue the Giants could be only a one or two loss team.  They were in every game they’ve played this season and simply fell apart.  They recently figured out how to keep things together and win some games.

While the Giants have a tough remaining schedule,  they typically elevate their play against opponents they’re not expected to defeat.  So the rest of the NFL will need to soon watch out.


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