Giants will reportedly work out Brandon Jacobs, Willis McGahee

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports,  the New York Giants will work out running backs Brandon Jacobs and Willis McGahee.

After David Wilson fumbling twice during Sunday night’s loss to the Cowboys, the Giants know they must bring in  a veteran back with Andre Brown on temporary injured reserve.

Things were so bad last night that head coach Tom Coughlin wouldn’t commit to Wilson as his starter for next week.


  1. says

    As LONG AS the Giants are bringin’ in good ol’ Brandon Jacobs AND good ol’ Joe KcNight (He IS the ONE person in the JETS backfield who DID NOT run into the O. Lineman’s buttocks) and good ol’ Willis McGahee former starter @ BRONCOS with good ol’ TimsTeblow ………. ……………………………. WAIT A MINUTE? ?
    How about trying out Tebow (6’3″ tall, & 236#; runs like a bull, runs like Larry Csonka, runs like John Riggins).
    Tebow could be a full back, a “u” back, and tight end or a wide-out similar to Aaron Hernandez used to play!!
    What a great way to show those “Pay-RIOTS” (“You should have kept me.”)
    Love to see : 1st play: Tebow behind Eli Manning. (Pistol formation). Fake a run up the middle–throw the ball down the field.
    2nd play fake the ball to Tebow and throw the ball down the field.
    3rd play Tebow lines up beside Manning–Elie hands Tebow the ball.
    Tebow runs like Hernandez over the Left side for m-u-c-h-o yards !!
    4th play: Tebow’s next play is a pitch from Eli, Tebow runs right. If the tight end is open Tebow pitches it to him (shovel pass) if tight end is covered, Tebow keeps the ball run around the right side. If both the t.e. and Tebow are covered, Tim laterals the ball or passes the ball to the wide receiver. This worked @ Florida Gators.

    And in the words of retired NFL / Bears linebacker in the 211 season Bears vs Broncos: “We got beat by a running back !!!”

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