Giants were able to overlook Cooper Taylor’s heart condition

New York Giants rookie safety Cooper Taylor was diagnosed with a rare heart condition that ended up being treated and 100 percent cured.  But of course NFL teams were little concerned about his health as they evaluated him this past winter leading up to the NFL draft.

Giants general manager Jerry Reese is one NFL executive that wasn’t worried about Taylor’s health because they found “nothing significant,” according Reese, per the New York Daily News. “They cleared him and they don’t really have any real concerns.”

To the Giants, Taylor isn’t damaged goods. He’s just a safety with size that was too good to pass up. He’s so big that some teams looked at him before the draft as a possible NFL linebacker. The Giants — who like to use a three-safety formation in their defense, with one of them playing near the line of scrimmage like a linebacker — see him as a “big, tough guy” according to Reese who can have an impact on special teams and on defense.

Taylor is of course just grateful to still be playing football.

“As a 19-year-old kid, playing college football? That is your life,” Taylor says. “It’s something I’ve grown up loving and I’m passionate about the game. … So to get a second chance at football really inspired me. It renewed my passion for the game.”