Giants want Justin Pugh to add 10-15 pounds

justin pughGiants head coach Tom Coughlin told reporters on Friday that they would love offensive lineman Justin Pugh add 10-15 this offseason.

Pugh had a great year as a rookie.  He was the most steady player on the Giants line all season.


  1. says

    Justin Pugh was a really good acquisition, and few expected him to do such a good job as a rookie. His solid performance may even affect how JR, Ross, Coughlin and McAdoo approach the resolution of shortcomings across the rest of the line. He demonstrated a rookie who’s not selected near the top of the draft board can start and play well, providing incredible value compared to a Free Agent solution. Consider, if the Giants were to trade down from 12th for a later 1st round pick plus an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick, they could draft the highest rated Guard David Yankey, the second highest rated Guard Xavier Xu’a-Filo, and the highest rated Center Weston Richburg in the first 2 or 3 rounds. Those three rookies would not only fix the interior of the Giants line, but their salary CAP hit in 2014 would be a combined $5M APY. Add in Justin Pugh’s 2014 CAP hit of $1.8M, and the Giants will be shelling out less than $7M for FOUR top talent STARTING linemen. David Baas’ hit against the 2014 CAP is $8M, and any starting caliber Free Agent lineman JR would bring aboard would cost about that same amount, or potentially $ millions more for a guy like Center Alex Mack. For a CAP constrained team like the Giants, that dramatic difference in cost of performance can then be shifted to acquiring a top FA Corner opposite Prince, and a top FA WR to replace Nicks, a top FA RB who can also pass protect as David Wilson accepts a role more akin to Darren Sproles, and a top TE who can block and move the chains. Accomplishing those things would fix the offense, and it’s all predicated upon realizing maximum value from this draft’s incredibly deep and talented interior linemen. Oh… and Pugh… put on a couple pounds, would ya?

  2. Keith says

    He is better suited to play LT but if were keeping him at RT he needs to add more then 15 pounds. The RT has to push that DE off the line and all the way back into the secondary so the runner has a lane. He just wasn’t big enough last year to do that.

    I would love to see us Resign Beason and draft the best PASS RUSHER to replace Tuck. Then you can fill the OG’s C RB in the middle rounds and still get qulaitly starters on the cheap in Free Agency teams don’t value OG’s like tackles. We would have our old Giants team back 2 Dominate Young Studs rushing from DE and Beason cleaning up the middle with a new young O-line. WE have a ton ofholes but they cold all be filled easily.

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