Giants using GPS devices to track work outs

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The New York Giants have decided to use technology to their advantage, by using GPS devices and hydration/nutrition monitoring systems in order to track how much energy each player on their roster is exerting and how long it takes them to recover.

For example the equipment showed that running back Da’Rel Scott ran the most of any of the Giants running backs even though they all ran the same drills.

“I’m looking into the future,” Ronnie Barnes, the team’s vice president for medical services, told The New York Times. “We’ve known we need to do this, and I feel like we’ve begun to pioneer a little bit with our players and within the league.”

Barnes says that it help him give Giants head coach Tom Coughlin a much more accurate measure of how tired his players are.

“Currently, Coach Coughlin comes to me and says, ‘Do you think the team looks tired?’ ” Barnes said. “Or the players come to me and say, ‘Our legs are dead.’ And I’ll go up and say, ‘Coach, the guys are telling me they’re really tired.’ ”

“And usually he says to me, ‘Well, we haven’t done that much!’ But then he’ll make adaptations based on what I’ve told him,” said Barnes.  “With this setup, I’ll be able to tell him, yes, they are tired — and also that, say, Ahmad Bradshaw is particularly tired and here’s why.”


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