Giants reportedly committed to giving Ryan Nassib a shot at their back up QB job

Earlier on Monday a report surfaced that the Giants are interested in free agent quarterback Mark Sanchez.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News,  the Giants plan on giving second-year quarterback Ryan Nassib a shot at their back up job.



  1. Joseph Bulger says

    Nassib should get a shot at being Eli’s backup for a number of reasons, not the least of which is eliminating the need to carry a 3rd QB on the roster when every roster spot matters on Sunday. This will be a pivotal season for both Eli and Coughlin, who came into their jobs together and could go out together at the end of the season if 2014’s performance is the same or worse than 2013. Not restructuring Eli’s contract leaves that option very visible out there on the table. Eli and Coughlin out, Nassib and McAdoo in. While that’s an unlikely scenario, it is possible that 2013 was not an aberration for Eli, but instead a year within a slow and steady decline in his performance. The numbers speak for themselves. The Giants are uncharacteristically active in FA, restocking the Coughlin-Eli team with talent leading into the draft. They’ll very likely continue to refresh Eli’s O-line with one of the first 3 picks, and provide him with a new weapon at TE and WR within an offense orchestrated by a new OC. They’ve substantially upgraded the defense, so Eli will be less likely to be under pressure to force throws and take big chances to stay in games. This defense will force more 3 and outs and turnovers with the return of Stevie Brown and addition of DRC than the 2013 squad, so Eli’s time under center should be increased. If he’s still performing like he did in 2013, then the Giants may be looking for Nassib to step into the starting role sooner than expected.

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