Giants reportedly asked David Baas, Chris Snee to take a pay cut

According to,  the New York Giants have asked both center David Baas and guard Chris Snee to take a pay cut.

Per a league source, the Giants have approached both players about taking less money.  Snee, who already has said publicly that he’d take less to stay, has expressed a willingness to do it.  Baas, we’re told, has not yet said yes.

Bass is a solid player,  losing him won’t kill the Giants.  They need to move on from him in my opinion anyway.

  • keith

    They can’t force Baas to take a pay cut due how his contract was done. He know’s the Giants can’t cut him until next year due to the hit they would take towards the cap. Snee said he is going to retire after one more year so the Giants should be able to get him for next to nothing. I would like Snee to come back on a league min 1 year deal hopefully one that would let the Giants part ways with him if he isn’t preforming in Training Camp or Preseason. Having Snee would help alot since it’s clear were going to target interior O-linemen in the draft it gives the young players time to learn the system. Just like Pugh last year he wasn’t the starter day 1 he sat back learned the playbook then injuries occured and he took the RT position and never looked back rather then trying to force a rookie to step into that spot day 1. The Giants are a smart organization they know what their doing.