Giants really like Will Hill

It looks like the New York Giants may have hit the jack pot when they signed former Florida safety Will Hill as an undrafted free agent last season.

As long as Hill stays out of trouble that is.  He’s already been suspended twice during his short NFL career.  Once for performance enhancing drugs and the last itme for using marijuana.

So far though, the Giants love what they see from Hill.

 the Giants really believe they have a good player in safety Will Hill. He offers them some degree of leverage and coverage if they end up having to cut Antrel Rolle for cap reasons, or if Stevie Brown can’t make it all the way back from his torn ACL. They think Hill is athletic and physical enough to be the kind of versatile safety they need. They like their safeties to be able to play multiple roles, and Hill has shown he can do it. The last part of your question, though, is the issue. Hill is one more drug suspension away from a full-year ban, and someone with off-field concerns like his can be hard to trust when you’re planning your roster. Even if the Giants view Hill as a starter-quality player (which they do), they will need to maintain quality depth behind him in case of an unforeseen issue that forces him to the sideline.

With Antrel Rolle scheduled to make $7 million next season,  the Giants may hve to dump him and move on with Hill in his place.