Giants’ players rip DeAngelo Hall for his comments

Earlier today Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall came out and stated that they gave Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz his game-winning 77 yard touchdown and that Eli Manning wasn’t a rocket scientist to figure out their defense.

Cruz told the media that what Hall said about him was “a little disrespectful.”

Manning fired back at Hall by saying, “I appreciate him giving it to me. I don’t think it took a rocket scientist either. A guy was running open and I hit him.”

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck also gave his thoughts on Hall.

“DeAngelo Hall is not that smart,” said Tuck.

I’m pleasantly surprised by Eli’s comments.  But when he feels like he needs to say something, he won’t hesitate.

When these two teams meet later in the season, look for Eli to attack Hall’s side with a few deep balls for him to chew on.


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