Giants players blaming training camp beds for back problems

Many players on the New York Giants have been complaining of back problems during training camp and are blaming the beds that they’ve been sleeping on.

Players like defensive tackle Linval Joseph and offensive lineman Will Beatty have been struggling with back ailments in camp so far.

Joseph says the beds are too hard to sleep in.

“Everybody’s been complaining about their backs because the bed in the dorm is kind of hard,” Joseph said on Tuesday, per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily news.. “My back hurts too, but I think it’s just the bed.”

Rookie cornerback Jayron Hosely, offensive lineman James Brewer,  linebacker Spencer Paysinger and tight end Martellus all gave their opinions on the beds.

“It’s like one of those Sleep Number beds,” said Hosley. “It’s just not comfortable. It’s just like you’re back in college again.”

“Those beds are not the best,” Brewer said. “I’m not going to knock Albany because hey, it could always be worse, but I definitely do miss my own bed. … I have like a little kid’s cot (in the dorm), like I’m in college all over again.” “I mean, we’re big humans,” said Bennett. “Every bed is small. You can’t put a damn dinosaur in a twin-sized bed, you know? Unless you’ve got a California king the bed’s going to be small to these guys. If you’re a normal sized human jumping into a normal sized bed, it fits perfectly. Large, big human jumps into a regular-sized bed, the bed’s too small.” Vacchiano later tweeted that the beds the players are complaining about were bought by the Giants and aren’t from the University of Albany.

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