Giants’ owner John Mara says Super Bowl window remains wide open

New York Giants owner John Mara believes his team still has a wide open window to win another Super Bowl as long as Eli Manning is their quarterback.

“He’s (32) years old; he’s got a lot of years left,” Mara said, per the Newark Star Ledger. “I think our window (to win championships) is still pretty wide. I think as long as he’s under center, we have a chance to win.”

Mara expressed his disappointment with missing the playoffs this season.

“Obviously, we were very disappointed not being in the postseason. I haven’t quite gotten over that yet, particularly back-to-back games in Atlanta and Baltimore,” Mara said, speaking for the first time since the season ended. “Sometimes you go through things like that, and it just strengthens our resolve to put a better team on the field next year.”

The biggest problem the Giants have had over the past ten years has been the inability to play good consistent football.  It time for them to play at a high level from weeks 1 to 17.