Giants OC says Rueben Randle is “light years from where he was last year”

rueben randle

New York Giants second-year wide receiver Rueben Randle has been so impressive during camp that offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride can’t help but rave about him.

Gilbride told reporters on Monday that Randle is “light years from where he was last year. Not that there wasn’t some physical ability that I think was easily discerned by everybody, but the consistency of performance, reacting the right way on all the different looks that you get, in the professional ranks. That wasn’t at the level that you needed (last year). But in terms of his work ethic, his leadership has been phenomenal, and he’s always had great hands. He’s always been a smooth route runner, he’s always going up and gotten any throw that was close. I think he shows good body control and that kind of stuff. Just in terms of making the right decisions off the coverages, he’s not being fooled. The way he picked up that blitz (on Saturday night). That was a tremendously well-disguised blitz. Usually the quarterback does a great job, Eli does a great job seeing it. We’ll adjust the blocking scheme to take it up. (But) there was no way in the world you were going to see that one coming, no problem, because it was disguised so well the guy was a little bit slow getting over there. He made the first guy miss, he made the second guy miss. I think for guys who have been here watching practice, that’s been almost a daily occurrence (for Randle). I mean who knows what’s going to happen? But I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t continue to play at a high level.”

Even though Randle only had one catch the other night, he did look a lot more comfortable in the Giants offense.  I get the sense that he’ll be a major contributor for quarterback Eli Manning this season.