Giants OC Kevin Gilbride: Seahawks defensive backs hold

As the New York Giants get ready for Sunday’s game against the Seahawks,  offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride told the media that he noticed how much their defensive  backs hold.

I think most if not all defensive backs try to get away with holding as well as a lot of other things  during games.


  • neil

    really? Just cause the refs helped the whiners get their last win at candlestick after listening to harbaugh whine about seattles secondary playing dirty,this peasant is gonna come along and try the same tactics as d-bag harbugh? wow ive heard it all now !this is fucking football people!Quite whining and let the refs do their job while u do yours!!! Go Hawks!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Seattle cheats and still loses to Niners!

  • Anonymous

    This is absolutely accurate they do it every week. Pete Carroll is the king of cheaters as soon as you shut down one tactic he reaches in his bag of cheats and breaks out another and they still can’t win a superbowl pathetic cheat and still lose. BTW I’m a niner fan neil so suck it

  • Anonymous

    Your whole post is one big whine.