Giants may not be ready to give up on Marvin Austin just yet

After drafting defensive tackle Marvin Austin in the second round a few years ago, the Giants may not be ready to give up on him just yet, even though he still hasn’t shown much on the field.

Ohm Youngmisuk of believes Austin has a good chance at making the Giants finals 53-man roster this year.

Defensive tackle is going to be one of the most competitive units in all of camp. Linval Josep hand Cullen Jenkins will start. But then it will be a battle royal between Mike Patterson, Shaun Rogers, Austin, rookie Johnathan Hankins and Markus Kuhn. Will the Giants keep five defensive tackles? The Giants will definitely keep Joseph, Jenkisn and Hankins, the team’s second-round pick. Patterson, Rogers, Austin and Kuhn will be fighting for perhaps one to two spots. Perhaps the Giants will keep six defensive tackles considering how shoring up the run defense is a major priority. But that might be a stretch. Austin has much to prove since he hasn’t done much thus far in his career and hasn’t gotten that many opportunities. But it is hard to see the Giants giving up on their 2011 second-round pick already. Jerry Reese doesn’t like to do that so my guess is Austin will be on the roster this season.


  1. Keith says

    Well you have to assume at some point Rogers gets hurt. He is one of the best when not injuried but every year he gets hurt. So they will likely be able to place 1 of these guys on PUP or IR at some point someone will go down. Then you can bump someone to the Pratice Squad. Jospeh & Jenkins Start with Rogers as the 3rd and 2nd round pick Hankins should be able to grab that 4th spot. The 5th spot will be a battle between Marvin Austin, Patterson and Kuhn. Due to Austin being a 2nd round pick he will likley make the team unless he blows his spot in training camp. I would like to see the Giants keep Paterson as a 6th DT and let Kuhn go.

    You have to remember we are holding 3 QB’s this year. ( That’s 1 more then every other season)

    Also keep in mind we don’t have a proven NFL Running Back so we might keep 1 more Running Back. Wilson will start but with his small frame you have to wonder about injuries and lastiing 16+ Games. Andre Brown is already a bit Injury Prone. If your two Starters have question marks you have to play it safe and keep an extra Running Back.

    So that means somewhere we will lose other players that we normally have a little extra room to keep. Unless Nassib convices the coachs that he can take over the # 2 QB job this year which is highly unlikely. TC likes to play it safe. There is always that slim chance he is the next Russel Wilson and picks up everything quickly but that’s unlikely to happen before week one.

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