Giants linebacker Dan Connor arrested at the airport for carrying a knife

dan connor

According to Black Sports Online, New York Giants linebacker Dan Connor was arrested at an airport in Philly for carrying a knife.

Giants linebacker Dan Connor was arrested at the airport in Philadelphia on Saturday morning, according to reports from the NBC and ABC affiliates, and he was charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

Connor allegedly was carrying a switchblade inside his luggage, and a TSA officer spotted it in an x-ray machine. That’s when Philadelphia police were called, and he was arrested about 9 a.m.

I doubt Connor was planning on hurting anyone.  He either forgot about it or thought he could sneak it through.



  1. Paco Martinez says

    Seriously I FEEL BADLY for this gentleman. At one time, I had a switch blade knife–never used it. It LOOKED like the ‘fake switchblade’ that is REALLY A comb.
    One day I was talking to a couple of deputies re: carrying my hand gun to the firing range.
    Capt. Gordon Kreitz, Fullerton P.D. said, “Keep it in the trunk where the driver does not have access to it.” That was years ago.
    NOW you have to keep the ammo/clip separate from the handgun itself!! I didn’t know that. But laws change.
    I was also informed that carrying my nun-chukkas is a FELONY as was carrying a SWITCH-BLADE knife = a FELONY…
    But ironically, I was told carrying a hidden pistol is “only” a misdemeanor!
    Aaah,these times they are a changin’ .
    Like I said, I feel badly for the lad.
    (And this guy has gotta be 6’2″ and 245 pounds!!)

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