Giants fear Hynoski is done for the season

According to Connor Torr of the Newark Star-Ledger,  the Giants fear that fullback Henry Hynoski is done for the season after fracturing his shoulder this past Sunday.

Also hearing that fear is Hynoski’s shoulder injury is season-ending.

There might be a chance Hynoski could be back for the postseason, but with a 0-3 record the Giants would be lucky to finish 8-8 right now.  They would need to win 13 out of their next 10 games in order to go 10-6 and have a chance to make the playoffs.



  1. Keith says

    Redskins just last year STARTED 3-6

    They had to win 7 out of 7 to make the playoffs the Giants are alive and 2 games behind.

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