Giants expected to wait until next offseason to extend Eli Manning

eli manning 2Dan Graziano of believes the Giants want to wait and see how quarterback Eli Manning bounces back in 2014  if he does at all, before they sign him to another contract extension.

I think the Giants find themselves at (or at least approaching) an organizational crossroads. They’ve turned over 20 percent of their roster in the last two weeks.They have a new offensive coordinator who’s only three years older than quarterback Eli Manning is. Their head coach is the oldest in the NFL, and while he shows no signs of wanting to hang it up, it’s common sense to think another poor year could move things in that direction. Manning, Tom Coughlin and the coaching staff are all signed through 2015 at this point, and I just don’t believe the Giants believe themselves to be in a position to commit to much of anything beyond that. They hope Manning bounces back with a big 2014 and everything clicks with all of the new additions on defense and they make a playoff run. If that happens, they probably extend Manning next year. But if Manning is in decline, and 2013 wasn’t just a blip, then they would like to know that as best they can before making their long-term decisions about quarterback. They could gain a great deal of financial flexibility by extending Manning now, and should they decide that’s the most important thing, they still could do it. But they would prefer not to do it this offseason and see what Manning has to show them in 2014.

Manning will be 34 years-old next January.  If he doesn’t bounce back, you would have imagine 2015 would be his final year in New York.


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