Giants, Eli Manning being sued for allegedly selling fake memorabilia

eli manningAccording to the New York Post,  the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning are being sued for allegedly selling fraudulent memorabilia.

The lawsuit claims that both the Giants and Manning sold  game worn items that were fake while the real items are actually in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

A helmet on display in the hallowed Canton, Ohio, gridiron museum — supposedly worn by Manning in Big Blue’s 2008 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots — is just one of dozens of fake items the football superstar and his Giants cohorts have created to fool fans and make money from collectors over the years, the lawsuit alleges.

Other “forgeries” passed off on collectors include several Manning jerseys, two 2012 Super Bowl helmets and a 2004 “rookie season” helmet, according to court papers.

Two-time Super Bowl MVP Manning took part in the scheme so he could hang on to his personal items, according to the documents.

This might sound crazy, but could happen.  I’m not saying the Giants and Manning are guilty, but what would really keep a team from selling fake game worn gear? I’m most teams figure fans wouldn’t know the difference,  and they’re probably right.


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