Giants co-owner: Tom Coughlin is “one of the finest leaders in the NFL”

Despite the Giants 1-6 record so far this season,  co-owner Jonathan Tisch believes head coach Tom Coughlin is “one of the finest leaders in the NFL.”

Tisch believes a few wins will help turn things around for the Giants.

“There’s nothing wrong with the New York Giants that a few more ‘Ws’ won’t fix,” Tisch said via the New York Post. “Obviously, we’ve gotten off to a very disappointing start, but … Tom Coughlin is one of the finest leaders in the NFL. We have two trophies in the lobby of our [practice facility] that we won in the last few years that attest to his leadership.”

Tisch believes the Giants can still make the playoffs.

“We know we’ve gotten off to a very disappointing start, but we know Coach Coughlin is working with the other coaches and the other players to really turn the season around,” Tisch said. “We can still be there [in the playoffs].”

Tisch is confident in how hard his team works.

“Sports are a metaphor for life, and sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to,” he said. “But we know that we have very good players who come to practice every single day, work their rear ends off and want to win as much as the fans want them to win.”

Tisch wouldn’t say there will be some major changes if things don’t get better this season.

“Things like that aren’t in my purview,” Jonathan Tisch said.

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