Giants co-owner says ‘Hard Knocks’ is a distraction for the players (Video)

steve tisch

I have to give Giants co-owner Steve Tisch some credit.  He never gets annoyed by TMZ bothering him and always answers their questions with a smile.

Tisch was asked why the Giants won’t do HBO’s Hard Knocks.

“I don’t think it brings anything to the team,” Tisch said … “It’s a bit of a distraction and I think it’s sort of misleading for the players … especially the young guys.”

Tisch continued, “Even though It comes off as a documentary, you’re asking young athletes to perform. Perform on the field … don’t perform in the locker room for a TV show.”

“I don’t think it’s in the players’ best interest.”

Tisch made some great points and I think most teams would agree with him.

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