Giants co-owner: I would be concerned about Johnny Manziel

New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch told TMZ Sports that he would be concerned about the off the field activity of Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel. He also said Manziel wouldn’t fit the profile of Giants players.

NY Giants co-owner Steve Tisch tells TMZ Sports … if Johnny Manziel was one of his players, he’d be “concerned” about the 21-year-old prodigy. 

Tisch was out in Beverly Hills yesterday when we asked if Manziel’s partying habits should sound any alarms for the honchos at the Cleveland Browns organization. 

And while Tisch praised the ownership in Cleveland and made it clear he’s rooting for Johnny to be a success in the NFL, he told us he’d be worried about the kid if he played for the G-Men. 


  1. Don B Cooper says

    Yeah, he seems to have the off field lifestyle that Namath, Meredith, Moreno, Bradshaw and others enjoyed and THEY certainly never amounted to anything.

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