Gerald McCoy has one of the NFL’s “worst contracts”

After signing his rookie contract in 2010, Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy finally saw his first full season of play injury-free in 2012. Finally playing in a full season, McCoy played exceptionally well and made it to his first Pro Bowl.

But many say he has been unable to live up to his contract. In fact, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports writes that his contract is one of the worst in the league and he needs to step his game up to get another big contract.

Only Haloti Ngata and Ndamukong Suh make more than him at this position, but McCoy has been unable to stay on the field with injuries and he needs to put that behind him. McCoy has flashed at times but given how high he was picked and how much he’s being paid as one of the last bonus babies of the old CBA, he needs a breakout season.

I don’t necessarily agree entirely with what La Canfora writes. As stated previously, McCoy played an entire season in 2012 and made it to the Pro Bowl so it seems he has put his injuries behind him. And saying McCoy “needs a breakout season” might be stretching it a bit. He just needs to match or improve on last season.

Also have to mention the importance that McCoy has to the team. Last April, I wrote about the Bucs record with and without him in the lineup. Before the season, the Bucs were 3-10 without him and were 11-8 with him on the field.

This isn’t the first time La Canfora writes about McCoy’s contract being the worst in the league. Last June he cited the same reason for placing the Bucs’ Pro Bowler on the list. His injuries.

Yes he has battled injuries but what he brings to the Bucs is worth the contract he signed and was expected to live up to. To say that he hasn’t lived up to it due to injury is ignoring what he has done when he is not injured.

Getting a similar contract to the one he has currently will be difficult to match due to the new CBA setup anyhow. But McCoy will get paid and he’ll be worth every dollar.

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