Geno Smith hopes the Chiefs are really interested in him

It was reported earlier this week that the Kansas City Chiefs are “fascinated” with former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.

Smith told USA TODAY Sports that he hopes the Chiefs are really interested in him,

”I hope Kansas City is legitimately interested. I hope I go No. 1, but, hey, we’ll see,” Smith said. “The Chiefs are bringing me in, so I’m going in there thinking that they’re interested (in me), because I am in them.

“I’m just going to do what I’ve always done, try and impress them, just be myself and allow the process to do it’s job and get ready for whoever drafts me. I’ll be going Monday to Friday, working out for different teams.”

I believe the Chiefs are truly interested in Smith, but I on’t think they’re willing to use the first overall pick on him.


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