Gary Kubiak won’t commit to Case Keenum as his starter

Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak isn’t ready to commit to Case Keenum as his starting quarterback for the remainder of the season.

“He has to continue to play well to stay in there,” said Kubiak, per Dale Robertson.

Not sure what the problem is with Keenum. ┬áThe Texans aren’t going to win any more games with Matt Schaub or T.J. Yates under center.


  • buddhaelt

    Way to go Kubiak. Just love your comment that you won’t commit to Keenum. I’ve said for almost 2 yrs.that it’s time for you to go somewhere else. Now, it looks like you agree………..

    It’s time Houston had a coach that’s up to date with today’s game and knows how to control his personnel..
    Bring on Kevin Sumlin, he’d be the perfect fit for the Texans. He knows how to use Keenum and he’s been a winner everywhere he goes. It’s not like there are any real differences in Texas A&M’s players and look what he’s done there in less than 2 yrs. and to mention the Houston Cougars organization.