Gary Kubiak says Andre Johnson is fine


Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak told the media that wide receiver Andre Johnson should be just fine after getting the wind knocked out of him during last week’s preseason game.

“He’s back getting treatments and doing some stuff like that,” said Kubiak per  “So we thought that was extremely important right now. As I said, Tim (Jamison) was the other one who is not here. His wife is in labor as we speak.”

Kubiak acknowledged that Johnson hasn’t practiced over the past couple of days.

“Yeah, he did not practice these couple days. We kept him and (Brian Cushing) is still out. He was sore coming out of the game so we’re just trying to get him moving in the right direction. The guys that aren’t going to play in the game, we’re going to work them out hard on Thursday afternoon before the game. We want him to be a part of that so that’s where we’re working towards.”

Kubiak says there aren’t any issues with Johnson.

“No. He’s fine. He’s doing fine.”

It looks like the Texans are being cautious with Johnson, to make sure he’s ready for their season opener.


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