Gainesville police claim they haven’t been contacted by Boston authorities in relation to Aaron Hernandez

We reported earlier today that Boston authorities have been in contact with Gainesville police in order to gather more information about a 2007 shooting that took place down in Florida.

The Gainesville police have released a statement denying that they’ve been contacted by Boston authorities.

The Gainesville Police Department is aware that members of the national media are reporting on GPD Case 02-07-020053, a shooting investigation from an incident report obtained from sources outside of the Department.  The stories also mention that Massachusetts law enforcement agencies have contacted the Gainesville Police Department about the investigation.


The Gainesville Police Department has not been contacted by any other law enforcement agency about this incident.  The Gainesville Police Department has not released any incident report concerning this case, due to it being an open criminal investigation.  Any alleged reports currently circulating may or may not be accurate, since the Gainesville Police Department did not release any reports.  The origin of these alleged reports is unknown.


Due to the case being classified as an open criminal investigation, the Gainesville Police Department will not be releasing an incident report nor commenting on this open investigation.

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