Freddie Mitchell gets 37 months in prison for tax crimes

freddie mitchell

According to TMZ,  former Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell has been sentenced to 37 months in prison for tax crimes.

The 34-year-old had previously pled guilty to being part of a tax fraud scheme in which he cheated the federal government out of millions of dollars. Mitchell was facing up to 10 years in prison — but he struck a deal with prosecutors and got off with only 37 months. He’s been ordered to surrender by December 6. During the sentencing phase of the case, Mitchell argued that he suffered brain injuries during his time in the NFL — and therefore he should be given the lightest prison sentence so he can properly treat his health issues.

Boy did Mitchell get a nice deal.  He only got 37 months opposed to 10 years.  He’ll likely only serve 24 months any way.



  • Anonymous

    freddie was just trash talkin non factor bum in the NFL he deserves wat ever he gets instead of him being grateful to be drafted by the eagles wasnt ever worth a 25th round pick if one existed