Freddie Mitchell blames Donovan McNabb’s shi**y a** arm for losing the Super Bowl

During an appearance on NBC Sports Radio with Amani Toomer and Eytan Shander, former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said that when they played the Eagles in the Super Bowl back in 2004,  Freddie Mitchell’s trash talking motivated them to win, according to Black Sports Online.

It looks like Mitchell heard what Harrison said and gave a response.



The problem wasn’t only McNabb.  If Mitchell was more than a fourth string receiver it might have helped Philly get past the Patriots.



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    Not sure why Freddie Mitchell feels compelled to speak about anyone, he did nothing for the Eagles! One play does not make or define your career! Say what you want about McNabb, he did more in a game than what Freddie Mitchell did in a “SO CALLED CAREER!!!!!!”

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