Fred Taylor forgives agent who scammed him out of millions of dollars


Former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor was scammed out of millions of dollars during his NFL career by former agent Tank Black.  What’s really surprising is that he took the time to reach out to Black and forgive him.

“The former Jacksonville Jaguars and Florida Gators great said he recently reached out to one of the most notorious scammers in sports history – Tank Black. It was Black who lost a reported $3.6 million of Taylor’s money in a series of scams in the late 1990s and went to prison. He is the Bernie Madoff of sports. But this summer, Taylor said, he called Black and spoke with him for the first time in many years,” wrote Erci Adelson of Yahoo! Sports.

“I had to forgive him,” Taylor told Adelson. “I was pissed for a while. I was pissed for a long time,”

Taylor not only forgave Black, but also thanked him.

Taylor told Adelson that he told Black: “Thank you for helping make me the man I am.”

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