Fred Smoot on Mike Shanahan: He can’t cook, sometimes grandma gets too old

Former Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot made an appearance with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C. and once again ripped into head coach Mike Shanahan.

“If he loses this game, this is the end of the Red Lobster,” Smoot said via The Washington Post. “I think you can put him in the broiler if he loses this game right here.”

Like last time,  Smoot went on to say how “terrible” Shanahan is and that the Skins need a head coach that “understands RGIII talent.”

Smoot did give Shanahan credit for bringing in good players.  But said he can’t coach.

“I didn’t say he shopped for bad groceries. He shopped for good players,” Smoot said, before launching into the most Smoot-like analogy of all Smoots.

“Like we said, he just cannot cook. You know, sometimes grandma gets too old. She know what to go in the grocery store and get, but she just cannot whip it up like she used to.”

“Great coaches get the most out of players, even the players that are not that good, they get the most out of these players. With Shanahan right now, I think right now the game has just passed him. Like he’s not a bad coach, he’s a Super Bowl winning coach, but I just think right now, today’s athletes, and everything that goes on with today’s football, has just simply passed him.”

You can certainly always count on a very entertaining interview with Smoot.



  1. says

    Smoot always runs his mouth ti include his playing days, If he would have spent more time in the film room studying and preparing himself in general; he could have had a better career than a few good years and the rest very pedestrian like.

    I’m going to go back to Shanahan’s days in Denver. I believe I know where this comes from as Smoots maturity is the type that would do this.

    In the 2001 draft smoot expected to go as a first round pick despite his reputation of off the field problems. He was already known as more of a talker than a worker. Playing more off of natural ability rather than conditioning and preparation. He was already known for being a talker.

    It was also known that the Mike Shanahan coached Denver broncos needed a CB badly and were going to probably select one in the first round.

    In the late first round a few cb’s came off the board followed by the Broncos taking and injure but no nonsense willie Middlebrooks over Smoot as Mike didn’t want any part of Smoot. Middlebrooks could never recover from his ankle injuries and was pronounced a bust and Smoot fell all the way to the second round and proclaimed himself a draft steal.

    He was able to learn from the legend Darryl Green for one year and play with Champ Bailey which were his best 4 years. He then went to the Vikings, had a fallout with the coach, lost his starting job and then was a big piece of the love boat scandal with the Vikings and plead guilty to charges,

    He then somehow stole more money from the Redskins with another four year contract until……that ended in 2010 by newly hired coach……Mike Shanahan. You tell me the real reason he comments about Coach Shanahan.

    Smoot holds now credibility with me and wasted great potential with a lack of maturity and poor work ethic.

  2. joeknows says

    Fred Smoot is a perfect example of head injuries from football.Fred your brain ain’t working right and you better get a CTE scan so maybe but probably not find some help for yourself so you don’t get lost trying to find the bathroom where you live.Nobody likes you using the coat closet for urinating.

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