Fred Smoot would fight Steve Smith if he sees him again, says he’s a “weak bully”

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith told Mike and Mike in the Morning that he ended the career of former Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot.

“A guy that I think, and I take pride in, I destroyed his career, is Fred Smoot,” Smith said.

“Coming out of Mississippi, he was considered a really good corner back, and I thought he was,” Smith said. “And then after coming in Bank of America Stadium, things just went downhill from there.”

Smoot made an appearance on 106.7 The Fan’s Washington Game Day Uncensored on Sunday morning and fired back at Smith.

“He’s a Grade A receiver. I was a Grade A corner and here go the thing about it. Grade A’s cannot hurt Grade A’s,” Smoot said

“The only person that could have hurt my career is a Grade F,” he said. “That means a guy with no name on the back of his jersey come in and beat me to death, he can ruin my career. But for me to go out and get beat by a Jerry Rice, is to me to give up yards to Jerry Rice. And my coach is gonna look me in the face and say ‘You did a good job. Nobody can stop him.’ Alright?

“Well, for me to go get beat by Megatron is for me to go get beat by Megatron, alright. So I don’t get him on that. And the thing about Steve, me and him hate each other. If I run into Steve Smith in a Giant right now, I’ll fight Steve Smith in a Giant right now. I don’t give a — I don’t care.”

“We don’t like each other,” he tacked on. “We’ve never liked each other. We came out of school together. We’ve ran into each other and we just don’t like each other.”

Smoot was then asked if he’s run into Smith at any NFL events.

“I don’t,” Smoot said. “And I think he’s a bully. Actually, I think he’s a weak bully at that. And I’ll be honest with that. I don’t care about saying that. He’s Steve Incognito to me. I call him Steve ‘Pinocchio’ Smith, cause he’s a liar. He went on national t.v. and lied. He’s a liar.

“And I like to keep it real and I like to be honest. This guy wants to sit here and say he ruined my career, and I played you two to three times after that, and you did nothing. I played you actually ten times before that, as a Redskin, and you gonna talk about the one time that you actually got me.

“I can say this about Steve Smith, and I can say this, my worst day in the NFL, he had a part in. He’s the guy that beat me. But I don’t say he beat me. [Jake] Delhomme threw great passes all day long, and beat me. I had Ted Cottrell as a defensive coordinator call Cover 3 all day, and got me beat. So it’s fine, I don’t make excuses. He beat me. But no, you didn’t ruin my career, and yes, I’m happy and I’m still smiling, and I’m good, and I’m fine Steve Smith. So don’t worry about it Steve Incognito. You’re so soft. Hey, I’m gonna tell you what he did.

Smoot ritereated that Smith is “soft.”

“He’s soft!” Smoot declared. “I’ve seen him jump on Ken Lucas. Ken Lucas, anybody will tell you about Ken Lucas.”

Smoot explained why Smith is always getting into it with opposing players during games.

“Only reason he wants to fight people during a game, is because we got helmets on, we got shoulder pads on, and somebody’s gonna rush and break it up. Referee, teammate, it doesn’t matter,” Smoot said.

“Put it like this, if I’m in a dark alley and I’m gonna fight a couple guys, I don’t want Steve Smith with me,” he added. “He’s nothing but a talker, he’s soft. Come to Mississippi with that. That’s what you do. You come to Mississippi and we’ll teach you a couple lessons out there. We’ll show you how to be tough. He’s not tough. He wants to fight everybody in front of everybody, when he knows everybody’s gonna break the fight up, do this, do that.

“They’re not tuning in for a UFC fight,” Smoot said of football fans. “They’re tuning in for NFL football. And what he wants to do is show out in front of people, try to fight people while you got helmets on, while you got this on, you want to do this. You soft, man. Let’s be honest. I like to be honest and I like to be a good person. He’s soft. I don’t really care about it.”


  1. says

    He’s soft Smoot? That’s been your problem your whole career, is running that mouth more than you practiced and watched film.

    Steve dropped a much bigger running back and team mate named Stephen Davis early in his career when his man hood was called out and I believe you would be in line for another bad experience.

    You were never a grade A CB. You arent remembered as a great corner, aren’t mentioned as a possible hall of famer and aren’t being realistic by calling yourself an A Cornerback. You are a B- at best.

  2. says

    Steve Smith never dropped Stephen Davis. That was Michael Westbrook who is a much bigger man than Steve Smith and would drop Smith in a heart beat. Steve Smith sucker punched 2 teammates, Ken Lucas and Jay Bright, on different occasions. Smith is nothing but a punk.

  3. Anonymous says

    Smith is a grade A trash talking punk who should have had a little class and kept his mouth shut.

  4. Anonymous says

    steve smith the best 5’9 wide receiver that ever play this game…and he is not no punk or soft fred smoot if you admit that steve smith play a roll on bringing your career down why the name calling

  5. says

    hahaha look at all the butthurt bitches on here…. Smith is the goat and he will punch you in the face if you disagree

  6. says

    Mr Smoot You don’t play 13 years in the NFL have over 12,000 yard and be soft . You sound like the punk . What in Mississippi that not any where else ,by the way if you were so great a corner back why are you not in the league any longer

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