Fred Davis aiming to be back on the field for mini-camp

Redskins tight end Fred Davis told NFL AM on the NFL Network that his goal is to be back on the field in time for their June mini-camp as he continues to rehab his Achilles.

“Right now I’m in the training process, still rehabbing,” Davis said, per “I’m doing a lot more running though, a lot more drills, doing some route running, throwing with Robert (Griffin), with the other guys who have been hurt on injured reserve. Other than that I’m just going to probably be ready in a couple more weeks to get ready to be active so I feel pretty good.”

Davis is looking to gain over 1,000 yards receiving in 2013.

“That is definitely a goal of mine, something that I want to do, that I know I could do,” Davis said. “Just like overcoming injury it’s just one of those things that you (have to be) mentally tough. There is always going to be a chance you possibly could be hurt, you’re going to hurt a little bit, you’re going to be a little stiff, but you just push through it.”

Davis is a very good player, but I can’t imagine him racking up over 1,000 yards in one season with all of the weapons the Skins have.

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